C. P. Sports is Germany’s largest manufacturer and supplier for the European and worldwide market specializing in fitness accessories such as Fitness gloves, weight lifting belts, wrist bandages and pulling aids. C. P. Sports manufactures a variety of sports nutrition and fitness accessories such as gloves, weight-lifting belts, training bandages, pull-ups, training grips, dumbbells and weights of the highest quality. Also sportswear and gymnastics belong to C.P. SPORTS versatile assortment.New Releases! 

Ausrüstungsgegenstände für Kraftsport und Fitnesstraining. C.P. Sports ist der führende Ausrüster für alle Fitnessstudios und Multifunktionsanlagen. C.P. Sports führt alle Zubehöre, die ein Kraft- und Fitnesssportler braucht